Altai Mountains adventure by Travel-Altai Company

Explore Altai

Lower Katun and Chemal. Middle Katun

The Katun, a Great River of Siberia

Teletskoe Lake

A pearl of Siberia


Altai mountains Mt Belukha


Recess of Altai

Chuya River Valley

A trail of nomads


Explore UKOK Martian landscapes

Reference about Altai

  • there are more than 17 thousand Rivers and more than 13 thousand Lakes in the Altai Mountains territory;
  • Belukha Mountain is equidistant from three oceans - the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Indian. It is the central peak of the giant continent of Eurasia. Belukha Mountain height is 4506 m. Mountain Belukha is a powerful mountain range, with 169 glaciers on its slopes. Its total area is 150 square km;
  • archaeologists have found the remains of a previously unknown type of ancient man, in Denisova Cave, which is located in the Altai Mountains;
  • Ukok princess is one of the most world famous mummies founded in burial mound of Ukok Plateau in 1993.
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