The Altai Mountains is Central Asia region located in Russia, Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan. Tours developed by Travel-Altai Company lies on the biggest and the most variable Russian part of Altai Mountains. The main city of Altai Mountains is Gorno-Altaysk.

Each territory of our planet has a spirit of its own, with special, different features which you can’t meet anywhere else. AS well as the Altai Mountains have special atmosphere of combination of wilderness nature and untouched Belukha, rich historical heritage of nomadic tribes and shamanism culture of descendants of ancient people. People come here to recover themselves, as these places are really powerfully energetic and who is more prone to the Earth vibration feels it obviously.

The best time to travel the Altai Mountains is from May to September when the most popular active trips are available. This time is the most acceptable to show the Mountain Altai off. But there is a difference depends on exactly place, for example, Plateau Ukok is especially amazing during August and September when rough variety of colors is obviously seen. September is the best time for tours for photographers, May month is the time of rhododendron blooming.

Frankly speaking, Altai Mountain is wonderful at any season. Even Siberian harsh climate is seems to be softer, winter is warmer and nature landscapes are particularly beautiful. Company Travel-Altai offers special winter season tours included dog sledge riding and snowmobile driving.

Travel Altai company is a professional team specializing on Active trips on Altai Mountains. Our professional guides are from Altai region or from Altai Republic, everybody has repeated education in active trips of different levels including the ascent the Belukha and perfectly knows all specific features of the region, local people and the routes we offer.

Inviting you means we provide safety and comfort travelling, translator service (English language), transport and accommodations where it’s possible. We offer translator service included into price, so you don’t need to worry about language barrier. Our professional translator is a guide tour competent in history, geography and culture of region. Travelling Altai is not dangerous, but fascinating if you choose Travel-Altai Company.

For safety and pleasant journey we strongly require all necessary terms to be kept. It concerns for all needed equipment, clothes and foot you should take. Special terms for each trip are shown in “Important notes” in description of a tour.

  1. Personal attention

    We perfectly know the country where we live, we know the Altai Mountains and know why we do love them. But, the first reason is to listen and understand your unique style and interests. This combination gives the unforgettable impressions you will keep forever.

  2. Comfort and safety

    We focus on safety and comfort in each trip we offer. Every trip was repeatedly passed. Whether it's a wild lodge, an indigenous village or impassable mountain trails, you can be confident that accommodations, transportation and activities have been selected with much attention to both comfort and safety.

  3. We are with you at every step

    We guarantee our help from the first step of booking until the trip will be finished. Our travel specialists have planned every thing you need and they assist you throughout the trip. We provide all necessary stuff you need, we have considered everything you could ask about and we are ready to help you any time.

  4. High level service

    Booking tour with Altai Travel means you get full package of service: guides, translators, drivers, cooks and other personal, special equipment depending on tour type.

    Accommodation of maximum possible comfort. We provide the accommodation where it is available, otherwise we lodge in water-proof, windproof tents for 2 persons.

    Reliable transport and horses to relieve the ascending are wherever possible. If route allows to use pack horse we provide it as a rule. All personal things are packed into waterproof bags, pack horses give opportunity to take extra provisions.

    Full board menu is provided by a cook for each group.

    Satellite phone and GPS tracker is available for each group.

  5. The locals know more

    We are proud to be a part of the Great region of the Altai Mountains. We are willing to share the best that our country has to offer. We are travel professionals and have visited each destination throughout the region. All our guides were born in Altai region.

  6. We develop and promote environmental friendly tours

    Travel-Altai Company arranges refuse collection actions on natural monuments of the Altai Mountains, this is our contributory to protect the environment. We have a strong regulation of environmental management of waste including the bringing with you as little paper, tin and plastic into the wilderness as possible. All waste is stored according to its recycling status, whether plastic, glass, organic matter, paper or batteries.

  7. Local relationships

    Altai locals are different and specific, Altai Mountains are unpredictable and capricious. We were born among them and perfectly know all peculiarities of the relationships to communicate effective and friendly. All our trips have been worked out to be closer to wild nature, local traditions and culture. We follow these connections to be insignificant to nature and people living in Altai. We do our best to make the Altai Mountains admit you with much hospitality.

All our tour price strictly includes:
  • transportation from airport (Novosibirsk, Barnaul or Gorno-Altaisk) and to airport after finishing the tour;
  • medical insurance;
  • service of a guide, translator, instructors of white-water and mountaineering. Services of all additional staff (groom, drivers, burden horses);
  • full board except first day and last day;
  • all necessary equipment mentioned in tour description.

Optional services are shown in description of each tour.

To order any tour you need to make prepayment which depends on tour and quantity of participants of tour. Prepayment can vary from 30 to 50%. For prepayment we support via bank account way and payoneer card payment. Prepayment provides all necessary arrangements for tour starting.

You need to make the second part of payment before tour starts. We can also support cash payment in rubles in our Gorno-Altaysk office before starting active part of a route.

You can cancel the tour any time notifying the Agency. Agency makes prepayment back except actual expenses which has been already done.