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Exploring our Great Planet is a man's privilege gifted with a purpose which everybody determines for itself. It is hard to get out of limits of modern society with its rules, routines and problems. Our life often passes by in solving redundant problems forming another circle of tasks. With only itself for company leaving unnecessary things, a man feels who is he in that huge world and can reboot system inside.

We can show you places where time has stopped, there is nothing redundant except a man and nature, places where man feels a human being, and it seems as he knows something more than he did before.

These magic moments of life are the goal of every adventure tour, it is rebooting point allows you to feel yourself much better and reach new edges of life.

  • Travel-Altai is tour Operator Company working in a field of active adventure tours on the Altai Mountains.
  • Our base is located in Gorno-Altaysk city, a capital of the Republic of Altai.
  • Travel-Altai Company has been in register of Russian travel operator since 2005.
  • Our adventure tours covers all popular destinations of Altai region from mountain area of Belukha and North-Chuya ridge and to Chuya steppe, mountain plateau Ukok, the Katun River and Teletskoe Lake.
  1. We focus on safety and comfortable travel along with high quality service. Every tour has insurance provided by the best insurance companies working in a field of active travel. Our tours are fulfilled only after signing a contract for tourist services, composed with observing the laws of the Russian Federation.

  2. Our tours were selected to meet requirements of most target groups interested in adventure tours from extreme mountaineering to Belukha to helicopter tour to Ukok plateau and auto travel along Chuya highway and photo tours of best sighs of Altai.

  3. Travel-Altai Company have worked out family tours, with age limit 4+.

  4. We can meet requirements for customized travels for individual groups, family tours, corporate team buildings. We can discuss your special wishes of route, highlights, type of tour, duration and full board menu.

  5. We are professional team of regional experts: guides, climbers, white-waters, drivers and cooks which are mostly local people perfectly informed about Altai where they live and work.

  6. Every tour includes translator assistant which is well informative in geography, local history and culture. Nothing happened around is lost from you.

  7. We have travel agency contract sample, which can be downloaded here.