Ak Ouk 7 Lakes Valley

Ak Ouk Valley of 7 lakes is stuck under the peak Ak-Oyuk (3670 m). Trekking there needs to get up on a stage wellhead of about 150 meters. The Valley is impressive and very picturesque. Mountain streams feeding small pools of terrain flows from glaciers and forms mountain lakes. Each Lake has individual color, that makes it different, the reason of that is stones at the bottom, location and melt-water color. The first “black” lake has clear water, and black stones on the bottom coloring it into black. The water is relatively warm, someone even can take a bath. The second Lake has amazing turquoise water fed by mountain streams connecting the fourth and the second lakes. The Lake is deep in most areas. The third lake has islands and shores overgrown with flowers, like dandelions. Locals call it “bride”. The fourth lake is fed by mountain streams also and has a turquoise color. There are seven lakes, seven different colors forming impressive picture of Ak-Ouk Valley.