Kara-Turek pass

Kara-Turek (Altai Kara -. Black, Turek - heart) is a mountain pass located on the Katun Ridge on the watershed of Akkem River and Kucherla River in the area the area of Mount Belukha. Pass pouring type is 1A level of difficulty of trekking, with 3060 m height. Although the pass is considered to be technically simple, it requires endurance and psychological readiness to walk on debris for many hours. Pass can be crossed by hikers and horseback riding groups. Walking usually takes for two days, horse backing from Akkem Lake to Kucherla takes one day. You can ride a horse for one day from Tungur Village through Karaturek, but it does mean to get up early, keep the fast pace and arrive late at night.

The trail through the pass runs from the Akkem Lake to Kucherla Lake.

Equestrian trail runs from Tungur through meteorologist station Karaturek to Akkem Lake, lying along the crest of the watershed of Akkem and Kucherla Rivers. The pass overlooks beautiful views of Akkem Lake, top of Belukha, Yarlu valley, Akkem river valley. In case of difficulties of crossing the pass, it is possible to stay overnight on the Kara-Turek. Accumulations of snow keeps on the pass until August.

The rise to the pass from Akkem Lake starts directly from meteorologist station Akkem. The climb is about 1 km along horse trail.

The descent the pass to the Akkem River takes from 40 minutes to 3 hours. Pass has 1A level, but with a big climb. Beginners can feel technical difficulties in 300 meters from the saddle when moving along the path towards the Kucherla, because there is snow often. In addition, the passage of the trail along the canyon of the Tekelu River requires the ability to walk up the steep conglomerate hill as, landslides often washes away the trail. The passage in bad weather and strong wing is also dangerous and unpleasant and can lead to losing the trail or confusing it with leading to precipice side.

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