Kucherla river

The name comes from the word «kozhurly» — «with soils». Kucherla is a typical mountain river originated in the western and northern slope of Katun Range.

The length is 50 km and the basin is 635 square kilometers.

Kucherla River is formed as the confluence of two small mountain rivers: Coney-Airy River flowing off the glaciers of northern slope of Katun ridge and Myushtu-Airy which originated from the moraine of the glacier Tronov brothers (aka Glacier Mushtu- Airy glacier). Kucherla River erodes soft limestone rocks on its short stretch to the Kucherla Lake, that makes its milky color with a turquoise hue. Then getting left tributary Yoldo -Airy, flows into the Kucherla Lake and becomes turbulent mountain river, which is not easy to cross. Leaving the lake, cutting through the chain of ridges and moraines, it rapidly moves to the Katun River and flows into the right side of Katun River near Tungur Village about 260 km from its source.

All along Kucherla River is bound in gorges, forming a chain of challenging rapids attractive for rafters. One short stretch (about 40 km) falls with the level of 1 748 m (edge Kucherla lake) to 832 meter (edge of Katun in Tungur area), forming a slope of about 22.9 m/km. Area of challenging obstacles has slope about 100 m / km and more . Upper reaches of Kucherla is about 1 km, but downstream it narrows sharply, cramped by rocky riverbed, cut through the chain of ridges, it becomes impregnable, turbulent and swift. Famous among rafters Kucherlinskyi breakdown begins almost at the outlet of the lake. This is ancient mighty element, violent and dangerous, thrown all its energy to create thrilling challenge obstacles. This natural powerful madness forces to come here athletes from all over Russia to test their strength in a really serious conditions every year.

Kucherla valley counts 43 lakes, most of which are concentrated in the upper river valley. It are mainly moraine, cirque and tectonic lakes in the upper reaches of the Small and Big Kalagash Rivers, Tegeek River, Yoldo-Airy River. One of the most beautiful Lakes are Small and Big Kucherlinskoe located at altitudes of 1760 and 1786 meters. Upper Lake is even above at attitude 1795 meters, it has small size and depth about 2 meters at all.

Kucherla River flows along beautiful mountain valleys. Its shores are covered with mixed coniferous and burs. We should also mention the historical heritage located in Kucherla pool. Near the mouth of Kuylyu, one of the most famous archaeological sites of the Altai, Grotto Kuylyu and Kucherlinskoye inscription are located. Remoteness from modern civilization allows to keep a lot of petroglyphs, and traces of Scythian culture in good condition.

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