Kuzuyak pass

Name Kuzuyak is formed from «Kush» — a bird and «ayak» — paw, so it means «bird foot». Kuzuyak pass lies on the trails leading to Belukha Mountain, to Ak-Kem River, Ak-Kem Lake and to other points of Katun ridge. The Pass is not high, 1513 meters in height, but long ascent is very exhausting. Way to Kuzuyak goes from Tungur through Kucherla village, then a meadow with birch groves and then long ascent along mixed forest. Locals from Tungur can take to Kuzuyak by tractor or UAZ to save energy.

The ascent from Tungur to Kuzuyak opens beautiful views on Kucherla Valley and Ak-kem River during sunny weather.

There are two alternatives for passing Kuzuyak: 1) rafting the quiet site of Katun from Tungur to the mouth of the Ak-kem River and then go up the river 2) to pass the more difficult Karaturek Pass (3060 meters). That way gives a lot of impressions and picturesque landscapes with spectacular views of the valley of Kucherla river, Belukha Mountain, Ak-kem River. This path takes two to three days.

After the descent from Kuzuyak toward Belukha, the path goes through meadows with tall, raspberry bushes, currant, and blackberry, then crossing Kuzuyak stream, hay meadows opens views of the mountains behind Ak-Kem River. Way from the bottom bridge over Kucherla to the parking «Three birches» is about 16 km, where territory is available for overnight in tents, café works as well as mobile communication.

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