Multa river

Multa is a small river in Ust-Koksa region of Altai Republic. It is tight tributary of Katun River. Length is 35 km, sources are on the North slope of Katun Ridge at an attitude 2350-2400 meters, mouth is at attitude 900 meters. In valley of Multa River counts 42 lakes. The most famous are Multa Lakes.

Multa village is located in the lower reaches of the river. Road from village lies to the Down Multa Lake. Melt water and liquid precipitation are the main sources of the River. Spring and summer flood begins at the end of May - beginning of June. Terms and its intensity vary from year to year and depend on snow amount and weather in May - June. During cold season, when the melting of ice and snow is almost lack, the river feeds only by groundwater. The duration of the freeze-up is about 7 months. Ice is multilayered, it sags as the water level falls. Ice-holes are often during winter season. Solid ice drift is absence, ice melts without moving.

The river flows through uninhabited places, it is rather known as a hiking route to Multa Lakes. Temperature in summer can reach 15 - 19 C. The water is very soft and transparent. The grayling inhabits the river, it rise to spawn in the lake and down to Katun.

The consideration of the bill about organization of cascade hydroelectric power stations on the mainstream of the river Multa was adopted in 2010. Environmentalists predict the terrible consequences to both the river and its basin, and, ultimately, it will come to total destruction of untouched nature for the sake of human greed. Currently, activists collected signatures to assign status of reserved area for the valley of Multa River. The confrontation result is not yet clear, but we hope the River will be able to safely carry its crystal water, as if the memory of the fact that humanity has almost lost.

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