Multinskie lakes (Multa lakes)

Multinskiye Lakes is a group of lakes on the northern slope of Katun Ridge on the territory of Ust-Koksinsky district of the Altai Republic in 24 km away from Multa Village. Cascade of Multa Lakes consist of Lower, Middle, Upper, Upper Cross, Cross, Kuyguk, Strong Lakes. It are located in the upper reaches of Multa River and its tributaries.

There are 42 lakes which located in the river basins of the northern slope of the Katun Ridge totally. Chain of small lakes is moraine-dammed origin, it are separated by trees and piles of granite boulders of glacial origin. Multinskiye lakes have great scientific meaning to unknown issues of glaciation of the Altai Mountains. Multa River flows in shallow valley of the northern slope of the western part of Katun Ridge.

Lakes are pronounced example of moraine-dammed lake origin. Glaciers has dug deep basin of Upper Lake and valley of Multa River in ancient times. As it moved along with the glaciers, boulders stones and moraine, which became a mountain river dam after stopping glaciers. Lakes are geological monuments of nature of federal significance. On the western slope of Katun ridge in the valley Strong River, a group of 10 very beautiful Multinskiye waterfalls are situated. It are also under protection of Federal Government.

Multa Upper Lake, moraine-dam type is located in the upper part of the valley, at an altitude of 1920 meter. The length is 800 meter, maximum width - 240 m. The maximum depth reaches up to 47 m in the south. Most of the northern half of the lake has a depth less than 10 m. Water is a milky green colored, with clarity about 2 meters. Temperature of water in the summer 9.2 C on the surface and 4.6 degrees at the bottom estimated. Lake basin is rocky, shore is overgrown with cedar forest. Beautiful views of glaciers, snow-capped peaks and waterfalls can be seen from shores of Upper Multa Lake. The northern part of the lake is swampy; South Beach is scree, where stream from karst lake located in rock runs down. On the lake with beautiful views of glaciers, snow-capped peaks, waterfalls. Verhnemultinskoe lake is located on the territory of Katun nature reserve. The water temperature is in the July 8 ° C. The northern part of the lake is swampy; South Beach - scree, through which runs a stream of karst lake located in the rock. 11 streams with different types of waterfalls break to the Lake. From Upper Multa Lake through the Norilchan Pass at height of 2650 meters one can reach the Taimenye Lake. Middle Multa Lake is located in 5 km from the Upper Lake, at an altitude of 1740 m. Shape of Lake resembles elongated rectangle in the meridional direction. The length - 1990 m, maximum width - 730 m. The maximum depth of the lake is in the center and it comes to 18.4 m. The shores of the lake are steep with altitudes of 2500 meters. Numerous screes down to the Lake, separate fragments size can reach 1m diameter. Small glaciers give rise to numerous streams that feed the lake. North Coast is formed by dam of the lake, consisting of large stones with rare trees. At the pesent time, the lake dam is eroded by Multa River flowing away to Lower Multa lake in 100-150 meters far. This section of the river is often called "noise" due to stream flowing between huge river stones. Waterfall “Noise” is a passage cluttered by moraine between the Lower and Middle Lakes. Cross Multa Lake is considered one of the most beautiful. Lack of vegetation on the shores, dazzling white of glaciers and high snowcapped peaks surround harsh Mountain Lake creating unique picturesque view. Above the lake, at an altitude of 2000 m is Upper Cross Mutla Lake, which is covered with ice until July. Small karst lakes are even higher. Multa Lakes is wild and pristine alpine landscapes area with sparkling snow-white peaks, glacial origin lakes, originality of lake water color, traces of ancient glaciers, high alpine and eternal beauty of the mountains. Color of lakes is turquoise-blue, each lake has its own hue.

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