Tekelu waterfall

The Tekelu River is a narrow stream of water originated from glacier and rushing through the picturesque taiga to the Akkem River. Perhaps argali (mountain goat) living on the highlands had caused the name of the glacier and the River, which can be translated from Southern Altai as "the goats". River valley is not large, but popular among tourists visiting it for beautiful scenery, and a whole cascade of waterfalls located on the Tekelu River. The most famous and majestic waterfall of the area is undoubtedly Tekelu waterfall.

Tekelu falls down near the Skynchak precipice. The height of the waterfall is 60 meters. Paths to aterfall are difficult. But in the autumn, when the water of the Akkem River becomes a low, one can cross to the right bank, where the Akkem is divided into two channels. The trail along the right bank leads to get closer to the Tekelu waterfall. It has received the status of natural monuments of national importance in 1996 year. Tekelu waterfall can be seen from the parking on the Akkem, it is the last and the largest waterfall on Tekelu River of 6 totally.

There are rare birds listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Altai such as Saker Falcon, mountain grouse, big lentils, Altai ular. In the vicinity of Tekelu are a number of other well-known beauties of the area: Kyulduayry lake, stream Tukhman, pass Sarybel, Skynchak precipice. Kyulduayry Lake is nestled among huge flat Altai mountain ranges. It is flow-through type Lake with cold water even in summer days.

The Tukhman River originates from a spring on the side of Borodinskyi ridge at an altitude of about 2100 meters. It is a small river, with length less than 10 kilometers. The river flows along Borondinskyi Ridge, which is a spur of Katun Ridge and flows into the Araskan River at attitude about 1300 meters. The picturesque river valley is very popular among tourists as it has a trekking path along the River. The trail goes to the Tuhman River from Oroktoy valley almost near Tuhman source and runs along to the mouth.

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