Ust-Koksa village

Ust-Koksa means «blue water». The Village is located at the confluence of the Katun River and Koksa River and related to to Ust-Koksinsky municipal district of the Altai Republic. It is an administrative center with population about 4,500 people.

There are two natural monument in the village: Katun arrow at the confluence of Katun and Koksa rivers, Koksinskaya larch-hawthorn Grove. There is pedestrian bridge over the Katun in the village.

Another interesting place of the area is Filaret Mountain. It is named after the hermit, whose prayers had healing power. Small Filaret cell is still kept on the mountain for pilgrims.

Kuylyu Grotto is no less interesting place, it is located at the mouth of the creek on the banks of Kucherla River. There was a pagan temple once, and there are still rock paintings adorn the interior walls of the cave.

In Ust-Koksa there are hotels, dining and cafes, shops, market. In the center of Ust-Cox is a shopping area with various shops, the bazaar. In the center, next to the administration building, there is a branch of the Savings Bank, where you can exchange currency. Not far from the central square on the street. Quay is a police station Ust-Cox, where foreign tourists can be registered. In the central square - a district House of Culture, which often hold various exhibitions, concerts of folk groups in the evening discos. Art Salon is located in the House of Culture building. The products presented here are unique, made in a single copy. This whimsical ceramic figurines, products from straw, wood sculptures, woven mats, knits.

On the street. Quay is stone-cutting workshop «Kurdyum», where arrangements can make an excursion, a unique exhibition of stone-cutting and jewelry. Not far from the district hospital is home craftsman - shop handicrafts in wood and stone. On the estate there ail, sauna.

Inside the village there are two natural monument — Katun arrow at the confluence of the rivers Katun and cokes and Grove Koksinskaya - unique larch-hawthorn community. In Ust-Koks has a pedestrian bridge over the Katun.

The Ust-Koksa Village is original center of tourism, the beginning of many tourist destinations, thanks to proximity to the Katun ridge, Multinskiye Lakes, Akkem Lake, Kucherla and Shavlinskyу lakes. Ust-Koksinsky district has 439 lakes totally. Here starts the route to Belukha Mountain, the highest peak of Siberia. Road from Ust-Koksa to the nearest to Belukha Tungur Village is 64 km. The road is mostly unpaved. Ust-Koksa is last settlement, which can be reached by regular bus from Gorno-Altaisk. Last 30km part of road is sometimes closed for buses because of its poor condition.

Ust-Koksa is a village with hotels, cafes, shops, market, and bank with currency exchanging next to the administration building. Police station where foreign tourists can be registered, is not far from the central square. Center of Culture often holds various exhibitions and concerts of folk art. Art Salon is located in the House of Culture building. The presented articles are unique, hand-made in a single copy. These are ceramic figurines, products from straw, wood sculptures, woven mats, knits. Stone-cutting workshop «Kurdyum» exhibits unique stone-cutting and jewelry items. They can even make excursion by agreement.

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