Yarlu canyon

Yarlu canyon is on the right shore of Ak-Kem Lake. Path lies across from meteorologist’s station across the Lake by boat, then trail along larch forest. Second variant is to cross Ak-Kem river by the bridge 1 km downstream from station. The landmark is waterfall on the nameless River, located on the left slope of the Ak-Kem gorge.

On the gorge Yarlu, in Edelweiss Valley, a city of stones has been built. This area is called the Blue Mountains, because the cliffs are composed of blue clay, so that the valley slopes are painted in blue, purple and lilac hues during daytime. From the valley opens a magnificent view of the mountain range resembling a woman's body shape. Bright purple-red rock located near the “breast of woman” is called the Heart of the Mother because it assembles as if heart blood run.

Valley Yarlu is considered a holy place, which has a special power. Many tourists come here after a famous artist and philosopher Roerich, who settled his camp here while traveling the Altai. A huge boulder in a canyon valley is considered the most mysterious place, it gathers tourists from all over the world. Stone is really huge, 70 meters depth goes into the earth, and all around, mainly stones have different shapes and structures. It is believed that the stone protects the entrance to the valley.

The stone «grows» up to 5 cm every year as some claims. Lump is called Master Stone or Stone of Wisdom. The town is built from the debris of rocks around the stone. This place is the center of the most powerful energy output, esoteric and mediums come here to restore the bio-field to meditate and to comprehend meaning of life.

There is a statement that the valley doesn’t let a people with flawed twisted morality. Such people can not enter the valley, they feel the pain or panic.

The upper part of the valley is fenced by ridge, a watershed of Tekelu and Yarlu Rivers. Pass Kara-Turek opens the most amazing view of Yarlu canyon. Colorful rocks are unique feature of the gorge. Multi-colored rocks, clay deposits and minerals are tightly compressed among the sediments making Yarlu looks very unusual. Bright colors of the mountains come alive even more after the rain. The valley changes its appearance depends on season, time of day and intensity of the sun's rays.

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