Chulcha River

Word "Chul" has ancient origin and comes from indigenous peoples of Siberia, Shor and Khakas word "chul" means "little river, stream". The Chulcha is a River in Ulagan disctrict of the Republic of Altai, the right tributary of the Chulyshman River. Its length is 72 km. The Chulcha River basin is located entirely on the territory of the Republic of Altai, with an area of 2350 The river originates from Lake Itykul on the western slope of Shapshalskyi ridge and flows into the Chulyshman. <\p>

Chulcha valley is poor explored and unfrequented cause its basin is on the territory of Altai national reserve. But the main reason is impassable shores of the river. River bed runs through mountainous hard rock areas, and the Chulcha valley is a rugged gorge all along. But at the same time the Chulcha and its tributaries is rich by high waterfalls and the most impressive is cascading Uchar waterfall with 160 meters in height. The Chulcha is fit for rafting with unevenly distributed complexity levels. The most interesting shivers and rapids begin after confluence of the Saigonysh River, especially 13 km length “Big break”, a long canyon with average fall 17.5 m / km. The Big break has several impassable parts,5 rubbles where the river is completely or almost blocked by huge cobblestones. It are on last 3 kilometers, separated by rapids between rubbles. In the middle part of Big break has difficult rapids of waterfall type, with a vertical drop 2 meters.

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