Aktru gorge

Aktru gorge is 35 kilometers far from Kurai Village at altitude of 2150 meters above sea.

Aktru River Basin, mountain-glacier origin River has 5 glaciers, including the Big Aktru with area of 10 sq.km. Aktru glacier is divided into right and left Aktru. The big Aktru has a maximum ice array thickness coming to 360 meters in some places. The highest point of the district Aktru is Aktru-Bash peak (4075 meter).

Unlike the other canyons of Altai, which are usually inaccessible for all transport except helicopter, the gorge Aktru can be reached by off-road vehicle. Trip to Aktru begins from Kurai village, 830 km Chui tract, then road turns into Kurai steppe towards the snow-capped mountains of North-Chuya ridge. After 25 km from Kurai, road becomes pretty hard for moving, only high cross vehicles can overcome it. Therefore, one can leave the car at the cordon to hold the path about 10 km on foot.

All tourist trails start from mountaineering camp "Aktru", located in the forest area of the gorge at an altitude of 2150 meters. Most routes require special training and special equipment. Of course, there are routes for tourists with beginner level, which allows trekking without risk of falling into a crack.

Blue lake is an object to make it stare for tourists and climbers. It is starting point of routes to a number of peaks at an altitude of 2840 m. Tours from Aktru camp to the left Aktru and Blue Lake are the most popular for mass tourists, trip takes about 3 hours each way.

Aktru Gorge could be interesting not for climbers only, but for tourist fond of the wild, untouched, nature.