Aktru River

"Actura" means “white camp” translated from Turkish. The River Aktru is left tributary of Chuya river , which flows into it near Kurai village. The source of the river is glacier of gorge Aktru Gorge Aktru in the north-Chui ridge. Two rivers forms at the source - Big Aktru and Small Aktru. The Aktru river is filled by melting snow and ice. South borders of Aktru basin pass along North-Chui ridge, North border lies at Kurai steppe, Eastern borders upon Peredovoi Range, which is called Kyzyltash, and from the west - the rocky spur of the Kashka-Lych. Area of Aktru Basin is 40 km2; its average height is about 3100 m; the area under glacier is 17 km.

Water level of the river are mainly determined by weather conditions. Level increases during clear sunny days when snow and ice abundant melts. Rains are not much important in feeding the Aktru. Light rain doesn’t increase water consumption, but, on the contrary, reduces it as prevents the melting of snow and glaciers. Only showers and heavy prolonged rains increase the flow in the river. Level of the Aktru flows depends on the time of the day also. The Aktru River varies along 14-15 km path from origin to exit mountains and confluence to the Chuya river. It flows in narrow valley in one riverbed at the beginning, then divides into many channels and branches, then goes in one direction again. Near the mouth on the way to Aktru glacier Aktru glacier the camping Perevalka is settled down. There are a few houses, bath, you can leave car overnight, hire a car for dropping to climbing camp.

Path crosses Aktru River and rises along up to climbing camp Aktru where all routes start from. Road opens a grand view of the Aktru River raging below, and it becomes clear why it has this name. The milky white stream makes its way right through the taiga with tree trunks lying around, fallen down by turbulent river. Rare slightly descents to the river are blocked by spiny thickets of shrubs. But Taiga suddenly gives way, and we are in the valley of impressive size. Mountain Karatas towers above, one can see the snow Small Aktru on the left, and right Aktru on the right. Aktru divides into several channels, calming down its temper.

Getting closer to origins of the river, the Aktru changes its nature from madly rushing between stony shores to slowly flowing and breaking into several sleeves. At the right Aktru, river suddenly disappears under the ice. After overcoming this ice bridge, we see a beautiful waterfall, breaking down into a valley between two cliffs called Mutton foreheads. This noname waterfall has formed 20-25 years ago. This place was a continuation of the Left Aktru which was connected with the right Aktru forming the Aktru River. Steep path leads above mutton foreheads to Glacier Left Aktru, the largest source of Aktru River. Many small streams running down on it, merge into one rapid stream, connecting streams cascading from other glaciers and mountains. Impressive spectacle.

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