Blue Lake Aktru

Blue Lake Aktru is a cute pearl of Aktru district, located at an altitude of 2840 m in the hollow above left Aktry glacier in 10 km away from Aktru camp. Path leads from camp along the left bank of Aktru River to rocky slope Kyzyltash then to "mutton foreheads" two similar, as twins, round-headed rocks. Then path lies to moraine of the glacier. Further rise is possible by two ways: on the glacier, or on the slope of the moraine which is less tiring. Lake shape resembles a pitcher and has beautiful greenish turquoise, it is hidden on the bottom of cozy basin.

Blue Lake Aktru is one of the most accessible tourist facilities in the Aktru area. Tourists come here to get aesthetic contemplation pleasure of natural beauty. Sports group makes radial trips to acclimatize Altai, climbers stop on the shores of Blue Lake to stay at night before or after climbing. One can say the lake is a kind of department of the climbing camp. Many different routes start here. North and north-eastern part is framed by steep rocky slopes and Kyzyltash Peak, “Stazher” peak which descend to the water. It step aside in one place, forming a shallow entrance to the gorge, leading to the “Znachkist” Pass and “Container” Pass. South shore of the lake is shallow, formed by glacial moraine.

Cheerful yellow house a hut glaciologists nestles on this slope near the lake. Ways across the glacier to the Radistov Summit, Student Summit, Youth and Aktru summits to Aktru and Maashey passes lie in the south and southwest. The lake water is + 2 ° C. Despite this, there are always brave souls who are willing to dip into this beauty.

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