Chagan-Uzun, Martian fileds

Chagan-Uzun Village is located in South-Western part in Kosh-Agach, near conflunece of Chagan-Uzun river and the Chuya river. Population is 427 (2013) Chagan is translated from Mongolian “White” and “Uzu” – “water”. Place is famous for its Kyzyl-Chin colorful canyon (Red Canyon, from Mongolian . Seems as mountains are painted into colorful stripes from green to red and yellow. Red and brown layers were formed more than 300 billion years ago, they are prevailed. Green stripes also concern to this period. These horizontal layers are clays with mixture of limestone and sandstone.

Ferric oxides are reasons of colorful gamma. Degree of oxidation and impurities depend on color hue. Fe2O3, maghemite and hematite gives red and brown. Manganese and chrome impurities give colors from red to pink. Mineral rutile, Tio2 is also in Kyzyl-Chin canyon, as well as pyrite or Brazil; Marcasite, pyrrhotite radiata or magnetic pyrite, siderite (FeCO3 composition mineral, iron carbonate), chalcedony and other minerals. They all give their hues.

Each layer was formed during period characterized by certain circumstances, reasons of what color will clay acquire. As well as influence of wind and snow water did its traces. The multi-colored mountains, you can see how worked the wind and snow water. Eroded slopes stand as vertical walls with columns, snow water cut grooves and ravines, creating a bizarre topography

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