Cheibekkel lake (Dead lake)

Cheibekkel Lake (dead Lake) is located in picturesque valley of Chibit River nearby Red Gates in Ulagan disctrict at height 1949 meters. Pond looks like a narrow water trail stretches along the road. Its width doesn’t exceed 80 meters and length is about 2.5 km. Sources of the Lake are precipirtation, groundwater, meltwater and Chibit River. Ice quickly binds water and doesn’t release it until middle of summer is a result of highland location Cheibekkel Lake.

Name Cheybek Kol Lake Cheybek-Kohl or its variation can be translated as "elongated, long lake." Name “Dead” came thanks to imagination of tourists, the locals quickly picked up. The fact is that fish doesn’t live in the Lake, plants do not grow, and even waterfowls refuse to sit on it. It is believed that this is due to the content of mercury in water. But, mercury in Lake Cheybek-Kohl does not exceed the norm according to the research of Tomsk scientists. Nevertheless, indigenous Altaian put down dark aura and believe that spirits get violent here. These rumors have inspired Ivan Efremov, the famous writer and creator of the "Constellation Andromeda" novel, to write the story "Lake of mountain spirits."

Tomsk University scientists found lower organisms and poor vegetation along the banks of mysterious Lake. It would be a feast for fish, if it decided to settle here. But fish cannot overcome heights, breaking the stubborn Chibit River.

Cool lake water has no taste or smell, It has deep blue color. Look at the depth can be no further than 5 m. The tourists are very attracted to mysterious Cheibekkel water, wishing to discover secrets failed to disclose before.

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