Chibit village

Chibit Village is located in Ulagan district of the Altai Republic at 783 km of Chuya tract, on Chibit River, a right tributary of Chuya River. Chibit means “ocher, yellow” translated from the Altaian. The village was founded by Russian missionaries in 1801. There was administration of the First Chui Parish. Now there live 700 people estimated. The village has a gas station, a store, a mobile communication Beeline, MTS.

Chibit Village is start point of routes to Shavlinskie Lakes, Mashei glacier. The pedestrian part of the route to Shavlinskie Lakes is 37 km. Also locals can provide horses for hiking there.

In the outskirts of Chibit River, Chuya River changes direction to the southern and makes its way through the gorge then forming Mazhoiskyi cascade famous as rafting route of 5-6 difficulty level. Cascade counts 54 rapids. Chibit village annually takes participants of "Chuya-rally" rafting competition with 35 rapids in the canyon, on the way of over 12 km.

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