"Eshtykel" means “many lakes” translated from Turk. Eshtykel is the name of Lake, river and plateau. The river Eshtykel is tributary of the Shavla river. Lake Eshtykel is 40 km far from Kurai Village and Kyzyl-Tash Village, located on a plateau at 1,750 meters height on the Chuya valley, between North Kurai range and Chuya range. Eshtykel plateau is separated from Kurai steppe by Oroi pass. The best way to see Eshtykel plateau is to climb on top of hill of height about 120 m west of the lake, where geodetic tower is installed. This hill exposes Bish-Iirdu peaks, Aktru peak and Kurkurek Peak. Mountains are mirrored on Eshtykel Lake surface and this view is one of the most exciting and long wished by photographers. <\p>

Kurai ridge is behind, the Eshtykel twists skirting many small lakes in the bush downstairs in western part of the plateau. Lake has a shape of an irregular oval, elongated from north to south. Length is 1300 meters, width of 800 meters about, but it can be much larger in the period of melting glaciers. Approaches to the lake are swamped, but having boots is possible to get water over bumps. Southern side is interesting of "craters", holes filled with waters located among the bushes on a small hill. Probably, it is appeared as a result of the permafrost processes.

Dirt road skirts the lake, going through the plateau to Oroi pass and to lake Karakol and towards the Mazhoi river. The lake is very popular among photographers, coming here in summer and autumn seasons for photo tour. They try to get here before 10 am to catch the peaks reflection of the North-Chuya ridge mirrored in calm water. Surface is covered with ripples later. The lake is rich by Osman fish. The best to come here is summer and middle of September. Just after the lake is already covered with a thin layer of ice.

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