Mazhoi River

The Mazhoi river originates on Maashey-Bash glacier. The river is 17 km in length. There was Maasheyskoe lake (Lake Maashey) until the summer of 2012. However, it has been gone, having lowered its waters into the Mazhoi River. Famous Mazhoysky cascade is on the mouth of the river to the Chibit village. Canyon has 54 rapids of 5 and 6 levels of complexity. This section of the Chuya River is boundary between Ulagansky and Kosh-Agach districts. Mazhoyskyi cascade (canyon) is popular among white water professionals, many of them open the season there. <\p>

On this area International competition of white-waters “Chuya Rally” have been carried out since 2003. Mazhoi canyon is 20-kilometer gloomy gorge with ever snowy tops. The gorge is ravine-type, the lower part turns into the canyon with steep walls with heights of 100 - 150 meters. River powerfully roars, forcing its way through the stones, foaming height up to 4 meters and falling into waterfalls. Not far from the mouth, there is a wooden bridge, where you can see impressive sight of Mazhoiskyi cascade.

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