Inya Village

Word "iyin" translated from the Altai means “shoulder” or translated from Khakassian "nin" – ”river”. Inya village is located on the right bank of the Pazyryk mounds. In 1.5 km outside the village, once can see Ininskie steles, which were part of the ritual complex at the end of the Stone Age. <\p>

Inya arose as a transit point, for traders from Mongolia and China as well as for researchers of Altai. The official date of foundation of the village is considered to be 1900. Altai lived in the Inya together with roaming Kalmyks. In 1903 Chuya highway become available for wheel transporting in the area between Chike-Taman and Kosh-Agach. Residents of Inya had more opportunities to earn in carting, transporting and working on postage. In 1903, ferry over Katun was built near the village. Herdsman used it to drive cattle from Mongolia. There were also a bath, a veterinary station and a hotel functioned in the village. In 1930 a motor depot was begun to build, columns of machines came into Inya village from Chuya highway, life was in full swing. Two-floor dormitory, a hospital, a school, clubhouse with pool table and soft chairs in the hall were built in the village. The club received touring artists, local residents staged concerts. Also a library was opened. Inya village became a cultural center. <\p>

In 1936, suspension bridge across the Katun was put instead of the ferry, it made river crossing safer and facilitated movement on Chuya tract. It was a great event in the life of the village. Bridge has always been well-guarded all the time of its use. The basis of the economy of the Inya is “ October 25” a diversified economy, which is engaged in fishing, reindeer herding, commercial hunting, dairy farming and cropping. Also there are a hotel, shop and hospital. Motor depot was moved to Ongudai Village. In 2010, 800 people lived in the village.
Sights of the area is powerful place of confluence of the Chuya and the Katun Rivers and Ininsky Bridge. It was built in 1936 becoming the first two-chain suspension bridge in the world.

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