Oroktoi River is a small stream originated in the foothills of Belukha Mountain. Level of water sometimes drops to extremely low point, its pure beauty water softly murmurs through alpine meadows and taiga. Crystal water, rolled in alpine flowers, on a background of the majestic mountain ranges and harsh taiga, covered with mosses and lichens, creates surprisingly calming impression, ideal for relaxing and enjoying harmony with the world. Oroktoi River is known primarily as a place of overnight staying of hiking trails leading to the different points of the northern part of Katun Ridge. On the right side of the valley trail is paved by ancient Scythian of age more than 2000 years.

Valley of Oroktoi River is famous for deposits of marble also, which have unique color and quality characteristics are competetive with snow-white marble of the Mediterranean. Its golden hue, streaked across the color palette used as an ornament of Taganskaya station of the Moscow metro. The reason of that formation is the fact that the territory of plateau was part of the seabed millions years ago. Impurities of iron, manganese, chromium, as well as remains of living organisms and plants in marble give a colorful pattern. Small marble «road», trace of past developments meets somewhere.

Oroktoi Village is on the bank of Katun River, near the mouth of the Oroktoi. Word Oroktoy means «valley, with paths of wild animals», originally the village was founded in the cavity, and then, the pass, River and other objects were called after. Village Oroktoi is lurking corner, lost in a reserved area. Only 300 people live here, their activities are mainly associated with breeding of red deer, cattle and small ruminants. Despite the remoteness, tourists of the village arrives to get acquainted with the pristine beauty, and cavers exploring the old and the new opening caves, located on a plateau at the pass Oroktoi leading to Talda Village near Chuya tract. The Pass is steep, can be washed away by river, the path follows the cattle-driving trail.

Oroktoiskyi Bridge was built on 77 km of Chemalsky tract instead of ferry operated here for a long time. The Bridge opens view on famous Teldekpensky rapid, the most powerful in the Middle Katun River.

Oroktoyskaya Ice Cave is notable for its relict glacier, located near the village in the rocky slope of marbleized limestone, it is 1st category of difficulty, the overall depth is no more than 25 meters.

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