Village Small Yaloman, a very picturesque place where the Katun river turns in course for 90 °, it’s very powerful energy spot. It was founded in 1626, first name was Kynyar ("ringing") by the name of rock standing nearby. Resembling sounds of jingle of the traveler's stirrups rings in the village. The reason is the wind flow striking against the rock. <\p>

The Village got its name Yaloman, translated as "jalama" "horse mane" in 1927. According to the Altai tradition, a traveler who does not have a white ritual band - kaira, must tie a bunch of hair from the mane of his horse. More than 20 varieties of apple trees, 6 types of plums, 5 varieties of pears grow here. The abundance of sunlight forms bright colors and aroma of fruits saving its best quality, transportability and taste. Small Yaloman, an archaeological monument of burial ground is located in 2 km to the east of the village. It is large turf mound with diameter of 30 meters with two valleys and embankments. There are 6 small burial mounds and several rectangular fences around this barrow. It dates early iron and early Middle Ages.

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