Altai national reserve

Altai National Reserve is considered to be unique place, despite of all the wealth of this nature reserve and the greatest biodiversity of Altai, employees carefully and with sincere love and dedication, preserve every bit of this magical world. In 1998, the Altai State Reserve, along with Katun preserves and the UKOK Plateau, was included into the UNESCO list as a world protected area under the name «The Golden Mountains of Altai».

Size of territory: 881 238 hectares, including Teletskoye Lake 11,757 hectares.

A large area of the Altai Reserve is located on the junction of Altai mountain ranges, Sayany and Tuva. The complexity of natural-historical development and biogeographic boundaries, a variety of natural conditions determine the special richness of the animal world.

Protected species:
1500 plants, of which 20 species listed into the Red Book of Russia;
70 species of mammals, of which Snow Leopard and Argali (mountain sheep) are listed into the International Red Book, and caribou (forest subspecies) listed in the Red Book of Russia;
326 species of birds, including white-tailed eagle and peregrine falcon are listed into the International Red Book and 33 species - into Red Book of Russia.

Climate is sharply continental type.

Rivers and Lakes: Teletskoye Lake, Dzhulukul Lake, Chulyshman river.

Main ecosystems are Siberian taiga, tundra and alpine highlands, tundra-steppe and tundra midlands.

The old-centuries pine forests and mountain tundra, majestic mountain ranges and alpine meadows, and Teletskoye Lake, a pearl of Siberia are just a small parts of all the natural splendor of the Altai State Reserve. Complex of natural and geographical areas located in remote areas of the Altai Republic and careful people attitude, have allowed to maintain pristine beauty of the Reserve. Now it stuns perfection and splendor, creates favorable habitats for rare animals, birds and plants.

Most territory of Altai nature reserve is closed for the public, in order to preserve the natural course of processes, and protect animals and plants from human impact. But some places are opened to visit with accompanying: Chichelgansky zigzag, Belinskaya terrace, Corbu waterfalls, Boscone waterfall, Koushi Waterfall and Uçhar waterfall. Going on a trip to the Altai Reserve, you can enjoy the magnificent views of Teletskoye Lake, with its wooded shores and rocky ledges; see the diversity of landscapes and natural areas; get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the region, including a relic and endemic plants. You can watch the ancient monuments of the Turkic period and reserved homestead Yailyu.

The main task of the science department of the Reserve is studying of native processes in natural complexes of Altai Reserve. Annual “Chronicles of Nature” is the main document containing a complete set of observations of all nature processes, it has been conducted since 1940.

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