Artybash village

Artybash village is located at the source of the Biya River on the hilly north-west bank of Teletskoye Lake. Artybash village adjoins with Altaian national reserve. Along the lake in the village the main street Teletskaya passes.

Artybash means «head of the rapids» translated from Altaian.

In 2000, 506 people live in the Village, 83 Tubalars, 11 Chalkans, 12 Kumandins among them.

In 2015, 612 people live in the village. The main population is Russian and Altaian.

Tourism is the basis of the village economy. There is a large number of databases and rest accommodations, where travelers can offer excursions on the Teletskoe Lake and its surroundings.

The population is engaged in hunting, fishing, gathering medicinal herbs, berries, cedar nuts. Many families keep cows. These animals quietly wander along the main street, paying no attention to the cars. Village has a bakery, coffee shop, medical station and obstetrical point, a church. Gas station and tire service are located at the entrance to the village. In 2002, at the source of the Biya new concrete bridge was built. It connects Artybash with Yogach Village located on opposite side of Teletskoe Lake. Artybash is in the MTS, Beeline, Megafon network areas. Sberbank department is in the Yogach.

Artybash gallery of local artists' Legend Altyn-Kul is worth to visit. It presents works of artists living in outskirts of Teletskoe. In the center of Artybash is the Temple of the Mother of God Icon «Tenderness».

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