The Ak-Alaha River, a right tributary of the Argut River originates from glacier Kanassky glacier to the right of Kanas pass. Ak-Alaha can be translated as "motley-white."Valley Ak-Alah abounds in archaeological monuments. Bertek complex, located on the left bank of the river, including 63 archaeological sites, burial grounds, freestanding mounds, cult centers, freestanding fences, steles, balbals petroglyphs. World-famous "Ukok Princess" was discovered close to the natural boundary Bertek

Pass Canas is located on Southern Altai ridge, between Kanas mountain (3446 meters) and Mount "peak Alahinsky" (3650 meters). This place is associated with tragic history of the local Kazakh population. Stalin began collectivization in the early 30's, cattle was taken off from the nomads and semi-nomads – Kazakhs. Thousands of them begun migration with property and cattle from Eastern Kazakhstan to Chinese Xinjiang. Crowds of people with carts and domestic animals raised along the Buhtarme on Ukok and through Kanas pass and Betsy-Kanas pass to China. The Soviet authorities did not prevent migration of Kazakhs until 1936. But it has been decided to stop in 1936. And one day on Kanas pass a whole Kazakh clan was shot, a few hundred people. Old men in Dzhazator say water Ak-Alah were bloody red three days after. Until now, there are remains of carts, footwear, utensils on Kanas pass. Name of pass "Kanas" sounds like "Kan-as" ( "blood-Pass")

At the site of Ak-Alaha turns to north was a custom. Famous researcher Vasilyi Sapozhnikov described it as “in a large wooden house, with a garden around it, bore the customs service overseer and two guards. But their work was boring, because the caravans came very rare here...” There is hill lying to left bank of the Kalguta. South of this hill is adjoined to Saylyugemskyi ridge, and from north of the watershed of Ak-Alaha and the Kalguta to the place of their confluence. This part of Ukok plateau is full of small lakes and the Muzdy-Bulak River. Some of the lakes transparent, and some are white. The largest of them is Muzdy-Bulak and Goose Lake.There is a bridge over Ak-Alaha at a distance of about 35 kilometers from start. Right bank of the bridge is part of natural park "Ukok Quiet Zone".

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