Ak-Kol River

Ak-Kol (Ak-Kol, Ak-Kӧl) River, alt. Kӧl - lake. Ak - White, white dull white. Ak-kol River originates on Sofia glacier, one of the largest glaciers of Altai. River valley is very picturesque because of many scenic lakes. White-dull Akkol lake and Black Karakul lake are one of them. The river is 17 km lenght. It flows through lake Akkul and merging with the Karaoyuk river forms the Chagan. The Ak-kol has three left tributaries: the Kyzylkaya, the lower Turaoyuk and the Upper Turaoyuk. Slopes of the valley is amazingly various, mixing multicolored stones, eternal snow, larch and pine forests, thickets of dwarf birches and alpine meadows. Especially bright colors can be seen here in August and September.