Djumalinskie spring

Djumalinskie spring (also known as Warm Spring) is located in 100 km south-west of Kosh-Agach village, near pass Warm spring, on the right bank of the Djumaly river, at an altitude of about 2400 meters. This peculiar form of thermal springs containing radon has a status of a monument of nature. The area of spring adjoins to the border of Ukok plateau. Alpine tundra, surrounded by bare treeless mountains of smooth shapes, clusters of stones from small pebbles to boulders of glacial origin. Streams flows among multicolored mosses and lichens. The Altai call spring Djumalu – “Uunmalu” translated “having mountain goats”, the Kazakh pronounce it “Djuma” – “Friday”, Muslims traditions oblige a ritual prayer.

Djumalinskie spring is considered sacred place since ancient times, any noise, swearing, alcohol, littering, "defile" the fire (burn garbage and waste) are prohibited. Hunters and pastoralists of different tribes built obo-tash, a pyramid of stones sacrificed to mountain spirits, as a sign of its worship; there are dozens stones tied with sacrificial bright ribbons there. About 7 km from the source, under Warm spring pass, there is an ancient sanctuary with petroglyphs on the rocky slope (monument "Kalgutinsky mine"), and some of images of oxen and horses are the most ancient monuments of Ukok.

Djumalinskie spring is often visited by locals for full course of 2 weeks treatment. There are three baths containing radon pools with running water, stove and benches. The water temperature in the bath is about 18 C. Each bath treats certain diseases: the first for a back disease, the second for a stomach illness, the third – for head. In addition, there is an outdoor pool with a source of very cold water for eye diseases; stream with drink water. Some of stones are considered to be salutary. Season lasts from May to November. But the firewood should have to be reserved before, as the area of the spring is treeless.

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