“Yiyk – Tuu” (South Altai) can be translated as “sacred mountain” . Sacred Mountain of Altai locals, residence of the supreme deity, according to legends. The highest peak of South Chui ranges and "Taldurinskiy fence". It has a height of 3941 meter. To mount leads Taldurinskiy Glacier 8.5 km long with area of 34.9 sq. km. leds to the mount. Thickness of ice of Taldurinskiy Glacier is 175 meters. Iiktu Mountain, towering over a huge Taldurinskiy glacier, is impressive, grandeur and inaccessible. This peak is the highest of Altai mountain range, it is not popular among climbers. Firstly, the peak height does not exceed 4,000 meters, reducing its status. Secondly, it has difficult access to start of the climb.

But, despite this, Iiktu - one of the most interesting peak of Russian Altai. The ascent starts from crossing of glacier body, where you can fully experience the extent of glaciation: snowfields stretch for many kilometers around. South Chui ridge together with the highest ridges of Altai is a habitat of snow leopard, a highest mountain cat in the world. Traces of a cat are often met around outskirts and this hact gives special feeling of closeness to wildlife. Reaching the top opens amazing view on Ukok plateau, Chuya steppe ans all highest peaks of Altai.

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