Jazator is a village on river Jazator flowing to Ak-Alaha River down the village and forming Argut River. Name “Jazator” is translated as “Summer parking”. Outskirts are very picturesque. One side of village adjoins South-Chuya ridges. Sharp black and white peak Iiktu (3936 meters) is possible seen if good weather conditions allow. Opposite side of Jazator, behind mountain ridges leads to mysterious Ukok plateau. Western side of village adjoins with beautiful steppe Samaha, then Katun ridge and mountain Chinelu (3889 meters height) and the highest Siberia peak Belukha (4506 meters). Jazator is remote place, the nearest settlement Kosh-Agach is in 140 kilometers. So, if you need a fuel, it’s better to get it in Kosh-Agach. The only dirt road is quite workable and served in good condition from year to year. Another road connects Jazator with Argut Village, it’s rather worse. Locals use also horse trails leading to Ukok plateau pastures, to Chuya highway along Argut river and to Beltir village along Tara River. Jazator is the last settlement before Mongolia border which is in 60 kilometers. Village is located at height 1625 meters, climate conditions are similar with Northern regions of Russia. Average summer temperature is positive 17 – 23 C, but July frosts are often happened. Winter average temperature is negative 25-29 C. But, frosts happen rather lower, even to – 47-50C. 1800 people live in village, Kazakhs 65%, Telengits 30%, Russians – 3%, others – 1%. The main occupation is a cattle-breeding. Local raise goats, sheep, cows, sheep, yaks and horses. Cattle graze on a plateau Ukok in winter, and on outskirts of Village in summer. Locals also have maral farms.