Kaldzhyn-Kel Bas Lake

Kaldzhin-Kol Bas is the one of the largest lakes of plateau Ukok. Area - 3.8 km². Catchment area - 63.2 km². From the west small river flows to Lake. From the north and west lake is surrounded by mountains height up to 2967 meters. Most lakes on Ukok have glacial origin, as this wetland area was covered by glaciers for thousands years. Lake Kaldzhin-Kol Bas was also formed by moraines, situated on the western part of plateau. Flaring blue waves of Kaldzyn-Kol Bas is as smooth mirror with sloping edges, lying among valley overgrown with low shrubs and grasses. Here, as nowhere else in Altai, time has stopped. Static severe cold snowy ridges with tops, a lot of empty space to all directions, but sometimes exchangeable lonely rocky ledges, and, majestic Kaldzhin Colle-Bass, hiding ancient secrets in its dark depths among this "magical" silence.

Lake Kaldzhin Kol is surrounded by rocky ridges from three sides, it is located on east of Kaldzhyn-Kol Bas. The dimensions of the lake is less, the Kaldzhinkol river flows out Kaldzhin Kol. In the south of lake is a rocky island with area of 500 m2. Experienced fisherman say about the best fishing for trout in the outskirts. Area not far from Lakes is interesting by big amount of archaeological monuments including Altai Princess and Bertek petroglyphs.

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