Kalguty originates in the mountains of Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola, at an altitude of 3000 m, near pass "Warm Springs," which separates plateau Ukok from the rest of the world, then the Kalguty flows along eastern part of Ukok into the Ak-Alaha . The water of the river has a white, milky (lime) color. Name Kalguta came from "haalgat" - "gate". Kalguty Valley is considered the beginning of Ukok plateau. Area of source of the river is place of Kalgutinsky mine of tungsten and molybdenum, there is an abandoned factory before pass, and mine is near source of the Jumaly river.

The deposit is unique, ore contains about 2% of tungsten. In the 40s - 50 -th years of last century, prisoners worked at mine manually, extracting the ore in frozen soil. Here still dugouts and barracks are here. Height is 2500 meters, so temperature in January drops to -32 C, and even to -52 C that has been noted the lowest. Soil is not completely thawed even on summer. Today the field development is not carried out on winter, the ore is mined with modern equipment and is transported on the contact electric locomotives, but the living conditions is still difficult. Basically, work is being done on a rotational basis. From 2003 to 2007, production amounted to 19-28 tonshigh-grade ore per year, but in 2008, the deposit was exhausted.

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