Climbing Eastern Belukha (4506 m)

14 days
15 nights
from 4 people in a group
jan feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec


  • guide;
  • horse support;
  • transport;
  • accommodations;
  • full board (except the first day).
  • meals from airport to start route point;
  • accommodation at the tourist camp;
  • recreation tax;
  • local activities;
  • bath


  • guide;
  • cook;
  • groom.

What to take

  • hiking shoes, shoes for climbing (plastic or hard trekking boots with a welt for fixing rappeling);
  • comfortable everyday shoes;
  • sandals.
  • water resistant and windproof jacket and pants;
  • sport pants (wool / Polartec / fleece, thermal underwear);
  • warm sweater or jacket (Polartec / fleece);
  • thin sweater (wool / Polartec / fleece, thermal underwear);
  • puff or feather vest (particularly needed during overnights);
  • t-shirts (2 pcs), pants and shorts (for trekking);
  • thick sport socks (2 pairs), thin sports socks (2 pair);
  • headgear from the sun (hats or cap);
  • warm hat (fleece / Polartec / fur);
  • warm windproof mittens or gloves (Down or sintepon);
  • fleece gloves;
  • windproof balaclava or face mask.
  • 60-100 liters backpack;
  • warm sleeping bag;
  • sleeping mat;
  • individual utensils (spoon cup bowl knife);
  • harness;
  • cat climbing suitable for shoes;
  • helmet;
  • ice ax;
  • ice screws — 2 pcs;
  • lanyard (sling or a piece of rope 5-6 m);
  • Jumar;
  • descender (for example, «eight»);
  • carabiner with a clutch of 3-4 pcs;
  • flashlights or leggings;
  • sunglasses with good UV protection;
  • sunscreen with a high degree of protection;


  • off-the-road minibus;
  • rappelling gear;
  • radio;
  • tents (2-3 seats);
  • sleeping bag;
  • foldable table;
  • chair;
  • plates and dishes;
  • campfire accessories;
  • rope, ice screws, carbines;
  • gas burners for cooking;
  • avalanche shovel;
  • first aid kit.

Accommodation is organized on the territory of camping bases.

Important notes

  • Climbing Eastern Belukha is route of 3A category, it requires good physical conditions, moral fibre and technical skills;
  • Climbing Eastern Belukha tour has no insurance option in package;
  • Route lies in pre-border zone requiring permission to enter. See more here: permission to pre-border zone
  • mountain climbing experience is required
  • weather condition can be a cause of changing the active part of a route, which is determined by a guide of tour. Tour admits 2 extra days in case of bad weather;
  • Age: 18 +